Minding my words


Has anyone else noticed how focused our kids become on words?  I know mine hear swear words and it’s like their little radar hones right in on it!  I love hearing them wonder which words are bad.  “Mommy, is ‘shoot’ a bad word?”

It’s really tough to explain to two small kids why certain words are ‘bad’ and why, if they are ‘bad’, grownups say them sometimes but kids can’t.  “It’s like driving a car, you can only do it when you’re grown up!”  That will work for a while, right?

It makes me realize how much attention they pay to things I do and say.  Not just obvious “bad” words but all the other stuff, too.

There are so many tips out there on what to say and how to say it and they keep changing on me.  In this series, I will share what I learn about words and how they (theoretically) impact kids.

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